NashTech wins Top 50 'Best Employer of Choice' in Vietnam


We are excited to share with you that NashTech has been honoured with the award Top 50 “Best Employer of Choice 2020 by Vietnamese University Students”. The award given to us by Anphabe JSC marks a milestone for our Employer Value Proposition for NashTech and we’re very proud to be so well respected by students across Vietnam. This good news comes as a lovely reward for the efforts our colleagues who have made us the best place to work for.

We received the award at a ceremony on 7th May 2020 as the result of a survey completed more than 25,000 students at 93 top universities nationwide. Being ranked alongside some fantastic corporations such as Honda and HSBC is truly a great boost for us. It reflects back to us the hard work we’ve put into our programs for nurturing young talent and highlights our contribution in developing the IT community in Vietnam. It also shows that we can provide our clients with robust succession planning through our Direct Entry program from the top universities around the country.


NashTech train and develop the top talent from universities in Vietnam

We invest and develop young talent with our world-class Fresher, Direct Entry and Internship programmes, which allow our team to learn and build their future career. We’re so proud of our programs where young talent can be challenged and developed.

Young people will be the next generation of NashTech’s employees. What we need from them is nothing more than their creativity, critical thinking, enthusiasm at work and teamwork.

Winning this award is not only a big motivation for us to keep moving forward to create more value for the ICT industry in Vietnam, but it also helps us have more positive energy to build NashTech into the happiest workplace in Vietnam for IT talent.

Our contribution to improve the IT market

In addition to our cutting edge, Fresher, Direct Entry and Intern Programme, NashTech works with lots of universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi such as the University of Science, the University of Information Technology and Thang Long University to hold workshops on how academic knowledge can be applied to the practical business world. We also lend out leading NashTech experts to give lectures and seminars, providing real-life experience to teach, up-skill and share experiences with students.

About ‘Best Employer of Choice’

Best Employer of Choice Survey – voted by Vietnam students was completed in Feb 2020 and was run this year for the first time ever. It is determined based on the evaluation of Vietnam students on 500+ Employer Brands through 5 talent interaction stages: Awareness, Interest, Action, Desire, First Choice.

The Top 50 Best Employers of Choice by Vietnam students 2020 includes an ensemble of many established organisations from both multinational and domestic sectors: Vinamilk, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd., Nestlé Vietnam Ltd., INSEE Vietnam, Abbott Laboratories S.A, Maersk Vietnam, Novaland Group, VNG Corporation, Nam A Bank, Hung Thinh Corporation, and Hoa Binh Construction Group, among others.

The survey was organised by Anphabe, a human resource consultancy for management-level professionals and market research firm Intage Vietnam who polled more than 25,200 students from 93 universities across Vietnam.

Thank you again to the efforts of our colleagues – our Nashers – who have made us the best place to work for, to develop and lead the way. We thank you!

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