Harnessing the potential


Phill Went, International Delivery Director, has spent a decade at NashTech and witnessed its growth. Ten years… a decade. Looking back, it’s a journey filled with ups, downs and, most importantly, memories and emotions.


“I believe that you learn more from failure than you do from success. However, failure, or maybe it is better to say ‘the things we could have done better’, account for a minor percentage compared to the huge number of successes”

Phill Went, International Delivery Director – NashTech

Delivering projects, maintaining stable relationships with clients, contributing to clients’ growth and helping to move their business forward are things Phill believes we should reflect really positively on and take pride in. “We have several projects that started with small beginnings and have developed to become some of the biggest and strongest accounts that we have. For that we are immensely proud as it has shown the confidence and trust those clients have in us to deliver” Phill continued.


Looking back, Phill shared how “the business has grown significantly and has seen many great achievements. When I look at the team ten years ago versus where we are now, we really have gone from good to great. We are more mature, more established, structured and balanced. I’m optimistic about the future as we continue to become a more cohesive and scalable team.”


It is the “good to great” spirit, the enthusiasm, the passion and the potential of our people that is the anchor that holds Phill to NashTech.

“I always look for the feeling of having an impact. Whatever we do, knowing that it helps the organisation move forward gives me a sense of achievement and motivation.” his decision required great courage to make. The courage to ignore all the “what-ifs” and seize the opportunity.

Emotion is energy in motion

One of Phill’s fondest memories is the first year end party he attended. He was blown away by the spirit of our employees and how they were so enthusiastic and creative. 


“The great team spirit, the enthusiasm, the energy, the professionalism, and the quality of the performances, that is what I will never forget.”


We asked Phill to share three words that best describe what NashTech means to him. His words gave a strong and meaningful message: harnessing the potential.


“We have huge potential, huge enthusiasm and huge talent. For me, the biggest thing is harnessing that to be effective. That’s what I’m always trying to do. And to harness the potential, that to me makes success”

Phill Went, International Delivery Director – NashTech

Harnessing the potential. This has been, and will always be, the focus of NashTech. Not just the potential of the company, it is also the potential of our employees, our partners and clients that needs to be fully harnessed to bring more value and continue to move the business forward.


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