NashTech spotlights North America as geography for significant strategic growth

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We are thrilled to share that NashTech has spotlighted North America as geography to drive substantial growth. NashTech currently works with 10+ Fortune 500 clientele across US and Canada apart from 30+ niche small and medium enterprises. Through its vast array of technology partnerships, NashTech would be able to provide end-to-end solutions to make businesses future-ready in the North American market.

NashTech, the leading technology solutions provider to global market leaders and innovators, announced that it had strengthened its presence in North America after the acquisition of Knoldus. NashTech would provide expert consulting and application product engineering services through the eight go-to-market pillars that showcase the deep technology expertise that it has built over the last 23+ years.

Through its proprietary Fusion Workshop approach, NashTech helps builds the product roadmap for modernization and digital transformation. The technology advisory group at NashTech embeds with the customer’s stakeholders, leaders and architecture group to develop an executable blueprint to make the business successful and future-ready with technology.

The core product engineering services of Application engineering, Data Solutions, Applied AI & ML and Cloud engineering enable customers to build robust, scalable solutions that help the business outperform the competition. The core services are coupled with application management services that allow customers to focus on the business by delegating the application maintenance, SRE, DR, RPA, BPO and independent testing to NashTech. North America would get access to 15 delivery centres of NashTech which are onshore, nearshore and far shore to get round-the-clock development and support.

NashTech enjoys a wide range of partnerships with future-ready technology companies like Databricks, Lightbend, Rust Foundation, Scala Centre, Snowflake, Snowplow, Hashicorp, and AxonIQ. It also partners with all the major cloud providers Google, AWS and Azure to bring cloud-native solutions to its customers.    

NashTech currently runs technology meetups in Toronto and Chicago with over 5900 engineers. It further partners with universities like the University of Waterloo and British Columbia to run training programs on Applied AI and functional programming to groom the engineers of tomorrow for the upcoming industrial needs.

“The focus on North America as our strategic growth market allows us to bring 23+ years of cutting-edge technology experience in Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, and Infrastructure Solutions Areas to our existing and prospective clients in the region.”

Vikas Hazrati, Group Chief Technology Officer – NashTech North America.
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