Accelerating your digital transformation journey with NashTech Accelerators

digital transformation journey

NashTech is thrilled to announce the launch of our NashTech Accelerators, a platform to help speed up your digital journey.  

After more than 23 years of delivering technology solutions and driving digital transformation for our clients, we’re proud to showcase that our capability has been taken to another level via this platform. You can access the NashTech Accelerators website and explore all the information at 

Speeding up the journey, achieve your goals faster

Designed to overcome the most common challenges organisations face when it comes to digital transformation, NashTech Accelerators share our industry-leading and ready-to-deploy solution templates, code libraries and starter packs for all developers and technical teams.  

The platform is the perfect complement to the existing company website, newly launched in April, to bring a comprehensive understanding of NashTech’s capabilities and expertise. 

Features of the platform

Navigating through the site, our libraries, templates and solutions that are leveraged by emerging technologies are presented and include: 

  • Architectural library: A set of templates enabling the quick, efficient and developer-ready set-up of environments based on microservice, API-first, cloud and headless design patterns 
  • Data solutions: A fully customisable starter pack designed to accelerate the implementation of data-driven solutions. DataOps is enabled (IaC with Terraform, CI/CD using Azure DevOps) 
  • AI & ML: Templates to help organisations quickly set up end-to-end solutions with useful features including enabling the exposure of AI models via REST APIs, deployment of AI models using Docker and deployment of end-to-end Azure machine learning solutions  
  • Intelligent automation: For fully automated solution without human intervention, this is a combination of self-built RPA platform and self-built AI accelerator to help speed up processes and bridge your business to era of intelligent technology 

What does this mean for your business? 

The NashTech Accelerator templates have core functions already built so that you will have plenty of ready-to-use high quality resources to utilise. These can also be customised based on your needs. Now, with the help of NashTech Accelerators, you don’t have to start your IT projects from scratch, saving time, speeding up development and helping you to achieve your goals faster. 

Talking about the ready-to-use resources available on the platform, Thang Chung, NashTech’s Technical Manager, shared: 

“To make it easier to visualise the benefits of NashTech Accelerators, imagine that building your IT project as building a house while the templates, libraries and packs on NashTech Accelerators serve as the ‘infrastructure’. This means that any core functions and essential elements are being built and made ready to use. Our customers won’t need to waste time designing it and starting everything from scratch, they only need to leverage from the existing infrastructure and build the other parts. This helps save a lot of time and boost time-to-market for the project.”

Thang Chung, Technical Manager – NashTech

Besides bringing benefits to our customers, NashTech Accelerators also means a lot to our talents. This is a demonstration of the deep tech expertise and strong capabilities of our teams and serves as a standard for any newcomers to follow. This ensures that the delivery we offer to our customers always has the highest quality.  

Sharing her thoughts on the launch of NashTech Accelerators, Loan Pham, CTO, mentioned:

“Constantly improving and coming up with innovative initiative to support our customers stay competitive and future proof has always been at the top of our mind. The launch of NashTech Accelerators is a significant movement proving our commitment to continuously innovating and delivering excellence for our customers. This is a milestone that strengthens our mission – to support our customers on accelerating their digital transformation journey, help them achieve their goals faster and more effectively and bring outstanding added value to their businesses.”

Loan Pham, CTO – NashTech

With the launch of NashTech Accelerators, we have taken our knowledge and capability to a new level. We are proud of our technology capabilities and expertise and are confident in what we can offer to our customers. For NashTech, the future continues to look bright. We hope you enjoy navigating through our NashTech Accelerators and please do share any feedback you have with us – we’d love to hear what you think, simply get in touch! 

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