Cuong Luc and his 15-years of dedication at NashTech


Explore Cuong Luc’s remarkable 15-year journey at NashTech. 

During 2000, while the burst of the dot-com bubble left many people skeptical about the future of technology, NashTech’s first office was established in Hanoi with the dream and calling to apply technology into solving business challenges and bring about smart solutions to our clients.

NashTech has come a long way and today, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

NashTech’s 20-year milestone is not merely a corporate anniversary for us to rejoice in our success and achievement but it’s also a day to celebrate our employees for their years of service and contribution. Throughout one’s professional life, they try, they fail, they learn and they rise, as an employer, NashTech values the sacrifices and contributions they made in shaping what we are today.

“An organisation, no matter how well-designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it” – Dee Hock

On our road to corporate success, NashTech is blessed to have incredible people onboard from our first days. And some of them are still contributing today. NashTech would like to proudly present a series highlighting some of our longest-serving employees who have witnessed our growth and success throughout the past two decades. In this article, we will be featuring Cuong Luc, one of our delivery managers and his 15-year journey of striving for best practices and excellence at NashTech.

Fifteen years of resilience and persistent advancement

Starting as a freshman at the University of Transport and Communications, without any intention or idea of getting a career in the IT industry, after just one year Cuong realised that it was not a good fit for him, this is when his initial career choice got sidetracked into a software engineering major at the University of Natural Science.

Joining NashTech right after graduation Cuong recounted being assigned to the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) software development team which had roughly 30 – 40 people in it. The team had to juggle three to four projects simultaneously, all from the same office in Etown 1, HCMC, Vietnam, according to Cuong.

Within 20 years, NashTech has transformed itself from a small-scale company to one of the pioneering leaders in the ICT field in Vietnam. With ten offices in Etown, HCMC delivering global projects each consisting of at least 30 – 40 headcounts. Cuong takes great pride in this achievement and growth as he has also matured with NashTech since he joined in 2005.

Cuong is no longer a software engineering majored fresh graduate, he has become a successful and acclaimed delivery manager at NashTech. Plus, he is also married with two children and has developed an avid interest in trail marathons across Vietnam. 15 years at NashTech has given him room and resources to grow into his best self and fulfill his vision of attaining excellence through dedication and unwavering determination.

“NashTech means almost everything to my career” – Cuong Luc

Cuong sees NashTech as the destination in his career path, not just a layover. His commitment from the very first day has enlightened and inspired many of his peers and team members to always devote their best in whatever they are working on. Cuong also shared with us how NashTech has facilitated and supported every step he takes, from the diverse array of projects with global customers to the big resource team at NashTech, all these factors have helped shape who he is today, a well-versed and admired delivery manager.

Throughout his 15-year journey at NashTech, Cuong has made countless unforgettable memories and attain significant achievements. But when Cuong was asked to choose some of the most remarkable moments that defines his journey here, he recounted having received multiple recognitions for his contribution, as well as 15 years of service. From “project manager of the year” award to “15-year service recognition”, these appreciation gestures from NashTech have kept him motivated and uplifted to continue his mission of pursuing excellence.

Cuong believes that NashTech’s inclination to encourage its employees to challenge themselves and surpass expectations is what keeps us ahead of the pack. Here at NashTech, we all aspire to bring as many values as possible to every aspect of our daily job and projects with the hope of delivering the best practices and services to our clients and partners.

Fortunately, our efforts are not in vain, Cuong affirmed. NashTech has not only expanded its offices but also its business domains, scope of projects and range of clients. Growing from a small company to one of the largest technology companies with thousands of employees in Vietnam, Cuong is pleased and proud to see that more and more clients are putting their faith in NashTech’s services and seeing us as their go-to place to upscale their business.

It’s Cuong’s great pleasure to be able to celebrate his 15-year work anniversary alongside NashTech’s 20-year anniversary. This grand celebration marks what we called “our masterful 20’s”, two decades full of both turbulence and opportunity are what makes us resilient and strong in the face of adversities and challenges. Looking back at his journey, Cuong is truly in-awe of how much he has grown and achieved, as well as how NashTech has proven itself as the place to excel in the digital field.

Cuong would like to extend his best wishes to NashTech on its 20-year milestone and cheers to many more successful years to come.

Stay tuned for other stories in our longest-serving employees series!

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