Technology sales: a field of rapid advances and boundless possibilities

Technology sales: a field of rapid advances and boundless possibilities


Our Vice President and Country Manager of Singapore, Subhash Raghavendra, talks about his career in technology sales.

The IT industry is ubiquitously known for its knowledge-intensive nature and lightning-fast production cycles. This field often sees waves of disruption and transformation coming which propels companies to adopt agile practices to tackle the intense pressure in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Taking up a sales position in such an industry is challenging and exciting. To succeed in business development in the technology world, you must be able to keep pace with the constant developments to product and services.

As NashTech’s Vice President and the Country Head of our branch in Singapore, Subhash Raghavendra has had years of experience and practice in the technology sales sector. In his latest interview with Kaliba, which featured leaders within the APAC region who have chosen a career in technology sales, Subhash expressed his thoughts about what makes his job rewarding while also emphasising the importance of client satisfaction.

Client satisfaction is our purpose and calling

At NashTech accommodating clients’ needs and assisting them with their business challenges are in our DNA.

Helping clients achieve their company objectives is what brings Subhash a sense of pride and accomplishment. Over his last 18 years in the business, he shared that he thrives on problem solving with clients’, really understanding their business, so he can focus on providing solutions and recommendations to meet the demands of their technology strategy.

Subhash has focused on building trust and long-term relationships with clients. It is through these relationships that allow him to navigate as well as pin down any challenges along the way.

Stressing the importance of amicable relationships between a company and its clients that was given to him by his former boss earlier on in his career, “Look after the relationships, and the business will look after itself”, has really stood the test of time.

NashTech Singapore

NashTech Singapore P.T.E was set up in 2015 and is one of eight NashTech offices internationally. Possessing a robust economy, Singapore has long been deemed the financial hub of Asia Pacific region and the ideal destination for professionals around the globe.

With large-scale economic activities, the demand for technology solutions in Singapore is growing rapidly with companies looking to upscale their business, as well as keep up with the latest technologies. NashTech believes that, with our expertise in the IT industry, we are a reliable source and a strategic partner for Singaporean enterprises to deliver smart and innovative solutions and solve business challenges while also creating long-term values.

Find out more about our global offices and delivery centres here.

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