Automation supports ‘shift left’ testing in Agile software developmentg

Automation supports 'shift left' testing in Agile software development

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The trend towards Agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds requires faster, more frequent testing to improve quality and velocity. In this blog Nhu Dinh Thi Huong, Test Automation Team Manager at NashTech, explains how a ‘shift left’ approach that leverages automation allows testing to be performed earlier in the delivery cycle — increasing efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and coverage.

The role of 'shift left' in modern software development

In traditional software development approaches, testing usually takes place at the end of the development lifecycle. However, the trend towards Agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds requires faster, more frequent testing to support improved quality and increased velocity.  

By using automation to test earlier in the software delivery cycle, we can increase the efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and coverage of testing. Test automation also supports incremental development by allowing testing to be repeated quickly and at zero marginal cost once the tests have been defined.

Developing a cost-effective test automation strategy

At NashTech we develop customised test automation solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. These can range from a simple one-time solution, to a comprehensive solution that incorporates automation throughout the DevOps continuous integration pipeline — or an in-sprint automation for an Agile team. We also develop project-specific solutions, such as automated regression suites.  

Our primary goal is to build an effective test automation strategy that will increase your return on investment (ROI). The steps we take include: 

  • Define the automation scope 
  • Decide on the levels of testing and testing tools to use, and the test automation architecture that will maximise ROI 
  • Plan test data preparation, test design and development, test maintenance, and integration of test automation into CI/CD  
  • Collaborate to align the test automation strategy with the application’s evolution and the client’s business strategies 

Increasing test efficiency with the right tools

Identifying the right automation tool is critical to the success and ROI of the testing project. Using our extensive test automation knowledge, we carry out a detailed analysis and evaluation before selecting a tool. Influencing factors include: 

  • The application to be tested and its technology stack 
  • Testing requirements 
  • Available skillsets  
  • Alignment to the client’s existing toolchain 
  • Licensing cost of the tool 

Alternatively, if a client already has a suitable tool, we can use that. 

Our testers have many years’ experience of providing automated testing services for websites, mobile applications (both iOS and Android) and other software. We’re adept at: 

  • Building automation frameworks using a wide range of tools, including Selenium, Cucumber and Appium, as well as traditional tools such as IBM Rational and QTP  
  • Creating automated test scripts in many different languages 

Accelerating testing in Agile environment

Our test teams apply Agile approaches in which testing happens frequently throughout the software development lifecycle. Automated tests can be run out of hours every night, at the end of each development cycle or just before deployment of a fix, patch or security update. Automation can even help in blending testing with DevOps by integrating and automating execution for each build, allowing rapid and confident application rollout. 

Delivering increased business value

Through automation we help our clients get more value from testing with the following business benefits: 

  • Test cycle times cut from days to hours 
  • Increased software application quality 
  • Less time spent on regression testing 
  • Elimination of manual tasks
  • Increased user confidence in the application or system
  • Reusable test processes and artefacts 

How NashTech can help

Modern software development based on Agile approaches has driven the move to earlier (and more frequent) testing in the development lifecycle. Drawing on many years of experience of successful software project delivery, we support this ‘shift left’ with efficient testing strategies that leverage automation and help deliver high-quality software at lower cost. 

Ready to know more?

To learn more about test automation as part of our Software Testing Services, email and a member of the team will be in touch.

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