AI is not the future. It’s here and now.

AI is not the future. It’s here and now.

Artificial Intelligence

Is it the time yet?

In a world driven by technology, companies are running at full speed to stay adaptive and reactive. In order to compete globally, it is now time to leverage the power of emerging technologies to their fullest potential, especially artificial intelligence (AI). But, when and where do businesses start?

AI is not the future. It’s here and now.

Businesses have been launching transformative initiatives and prioritising AI-driven approaches to increase innovation, human creativity, business optimisation, growth and efficiency. According to a study on transformation and AI by IDC, by 2024, IT spending for digital transformation and innovation will increase from 31% (as of 2018) to more than 50%. In the same study, IDC emphasised that AI is inescapable as they predicted that three years from now, more than 50% of user interface interactions will apply AI-enabled computer vision, speech and natural language processing (NLP).

It is undeniable that AI technologies are reshaping and enabling businesses to find better, more efficient ways of working. AI is not just a single technology but a set of technologies, tools and methods that can learn and self-improve. These technologies have been making significant impacts across sectors, regardless of the size or scale of the companies. Since AI technologies create value by saving time for innovation and human creativity, there is increased power for human enterprises, changing and improving the workplace for the better.

But not every business will have the resources, capability, skills and capacity needed to fully accomplish the goal of digital transformation. That’s where having NashTech as a partner, a companion on your transformation journey becomes inevitable.

How NashTech can help

At NashTech, we always try to stay updated and reactive to the changing technology landscape. That’s why we have been continuously putting effort and investing in emerging technologies to better our capabilities.

Using our expertise and knowledge in emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, NashTech not just delivers novel solutions to our clients but also researches and develops our own accelerators where AI-led functions can be deployed easily and effectively in projects. While the functions vary depending on purposes and needs, some of the highlighted capabilities that NashTech has been embracing are:

  • Face detection
  • Object detection
  • Object recognition
  • AI scoring

Regardless of your sector, our bespoke solutions can be customised and tailored to meet your requirements with excellent quality.

To find out how NashTech can help your organisation leverage the power of AI with our AI solutions, watch the video below or email and a member of the team will be in touch.

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