Rapid deployment of new careers guidance platform for UK EdTech

Rapid deployment of new careers guidance platform for UK EdTech


We developed a new career guidance platform with an advanced micro services architecture.

About U-Explore

U-Explore is a UK based EdTech company specialising in careers guidance. They aim to ensure that every young person has access to the best information, advice and opportunities that will shape their future, regardless of who or where they are

The challenge

U-Explore needed to get its product to market fast – a new platform for career guidance within an evolving market opportunity, while working within tight budget constraints. They needed to select the right solutions and features without compromising on quality.

U-Explore had also wanted to adopt agile approaches to its application development and depart from their existing burdensome applications, but given their budget constraints, they weren’t sure if this would be possible to achieve.

Our approach

NashTech was engaged as an agile development partner to build a new platform tool for content management that would enable U-Explore to deliver its contracted commitments to its first customer – strictly time boxed and on budget.

The solution

NashTech was able to introduce an advanced micro services architecture using agile methodologies and robust engineering principles. They were able to meet all of U-Explore’s objectives by working collaboratively with the product owners, and NashTech built a platform that can be continually developed with new features added as required.

The use of tools such as Jira and Teams plus flexibility to apply different approaches, such as Scrum and Kanban, allowed the company to assess and select different features and thereby maximise the value delivery within their time and budget constraints.

The outcome

Throughout the project engagement, U-Explore identified new target audiences and use cases for the platform. Our governance and adaptable delivery allowed U-Explore to quickly include new features, to help U-Explore assess and decide on the best approach for them and then update the delivery plan.

As well as delivering value early, this has allowed U-Explore to exploit new business opportunities quickly and move towards becoming an Agile enterprise.


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