Better Customer Experience for Minster Law Clients

Better Customer Experience for Minster Law Clients


For Minster Law, a leading personal injury practise that works with major car and bike insurance companies, delivering an exceptional customer experience is critical.

They say the test of any quality insurer comes down to how well they handle their clients’ claims. That’s why, for Minster Law, a leading personal injury practise that works with major car and bike insurance companies, delivering an exceptional customer experience is critical. 

Managing over 2,000 claims a month, Minster Law has put more than 800,000 lives back on track. They know what great customer service looks like. Moreover, they know that technology can enhance the way they do things.

With this in mind, Minster Law set about creating a platform that would enable them to “properly automate everything in the background that so that [our] lawyers can focus on the tasks only humans can do – decision making, choosing the right thing for [our] client and being in contact with them.”

Better Technology, Better Service

To realise the company’s ambition, Minster Law knew they would need expert software developers and a partner that could quickly integrate with their internal IT team.

That’s why they turned to NashTech.

As they put it, “Right at a technical level, there was a clear synergy between us and NashTech. We bought into a sophisticated solutions provider…not just a group of developers.”

Working closely together, driven by the requirements of the business, the joint teams worked in two–week sprint cycles, challenging one another, innovating solutions and testing their ideas, to create the platform.

In less than a year, Minster Law launched Minster Claims, a claims management platform that empowers users by giving them direct, real-time access to their claim, while making the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Minster explained “We understand that customers want options over how they interact with us during through the claims process. Our digital platform provides access to a new way to communicate and interact over above the traditional telephone route. It’s a question of choice – a true multi-channel approach.”

Some features of the platform include:

  • Claim submission
  • Related document submission
  • Digital chat features
  • Claim status updates

Successful Adoption

While the platform is still relatively new, Minster Law is already benefiting from the flexibility of the platform over and above the company’s legacy systems, that have been around for five to ten years.

Key to its success has been its user-friendly interface and reliability.


One of the key measures that you can take is the number of incidents that are raised – a great indicator or reliability and consistency. Proportionally, the number of incidents that we’ve got against the new system is significantly lower than some of the other systems we’ve got

Harry Cooke, Development Manager – Minster Law

Minster Law now plans to build on the popularity of its platform, adding new features to further improve the efficiency of its processes and the overall customer experience.

Minster explained, “We’re continually stretching the range of services we can offer and because we’ve got some strong digital solutions we can do that efficiently. These solutions allow us to drive productivity alongside great customer service.”

Find out more about Minster Law’s experience of working with NashTech:


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