Automating the identification and validation of the network

Automating the identification and validation of the network


We worked on the automation of the complete infrastructure and created the new UI for Admin & User. Automating the creation of the User Side, the admin only needs to create a campaign on the admin side.

About 55Rush

55Rush is an expert at building exceptional online Canadian communities like Student Life Network, Parent Life Network, Newcomers Network, and yconic. The goal is to create valuable connections between the 4 million + members and the brand partners. 55Rush is helping its partners seize opportunities and find solutions.

55Rush is Canada’s leading performance marketing and media platform, creating valuable connections between the brand partners and the online communities of 3.2 million students and young families. Brands, schools, and agencies such as CIBC, H&R Block, Unilever, AIR MILES, Mindshare, York University, Philips, Amazon, Sun Life, and more trust our engaged member communities to build audiences, drive business results, and build loyalty.


  • Enabled ability of admin to add each network, campaign, action dynamically. This will directly reflect view change to the user.
  • Admin can create dynamic forms with different data and validation for each field.
  • Fully responsive, highly scalable and dynamic User Side.

The challenge

To strengthen the bond between companies and users by establishing online communities for various groups. 55Rush had launched a campaign urging people on social networks to interact with their brands to support this. However, they were unable to construct automated webpages for each network and its campaigns.

The existing method for launching a new network and campaign entails a significant amount of human labour and is not capable of handling large traffic surges with each network or campaign launch.

Admin needs complete control over accessibility and the ability to interact dynamically with each network and its associated campaigns.

“Technology is a great equaliser that enables our clients to compete with the largest banks in the world. One of the significant technology advantages that NashTech expertise Solution provides is the ability to share across our product portfolio. The significant events that occur throughout an end user’s financial journey, from opening an account to initiating a home or small business loan to saving for college or retirement,” said Vice President, hosting architecture.


NashTech worked closely on the business requirements to identify key areas. After all criticalities were identified, we started building a portal following NashTech software development methodology of a 2 week sprint schedule. We worked on the automation of the complete infrastructure and created the new UI for Admin & User. We optimised the user interface to every possible extent to keep the user experience as smooth as possible. Scala and Akka are used for building all the services and backing up all the complex logic. Angular 11 with modern web libraries is used for building user interfaces and handling the front-end logic.

Our development team worked to eliminate the traditional approach and applied microservice architecture in our application. We separated the client’s business functionality into multiple independent modules that are responsible for performing specific and standalone tasks independently.

Below is an architecture diagram to understand our working functionality:




“Wanted to thank everyone for all the hard work. Everyone, myself included, is very excited to play with production today and start building the first campaign. Let me know when it’s ready. Thanks for all the hard work of this sprint team. I know everyone over here is very excited to start using this great functionality.”

Ryan Sweeney, Director of IT – 55Rush

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